Koh Samui Beach Day

The guy who ran the Thai Experience recommended a secluded beach not far from our hotel.  After breakfast we took a walk down, only about 10 minutes, to find this small, yet beautiful beach.  There was one restaurant and a few other B & B type establishments but other than that it was very empty.  Now instead of Jurassic Park, I feel like the island resembles Lost with its tree-covered cliffs and undeveloped areas.  

There are two main beaches here Chaweng and Lamia, we’re in Lamai which is said to be less crowded.  We took the hotel’s free shuttle into the center of town today and it was one bar, restaurant and shop selling the same stuff after the next.  When we made our way to the beach it was the first time on this entire trip we had truly been heckled by businesses with young Thai men hawking menus, jet-ski rentals and saying “free wi-fi, free wi-fi”.  Sidenote, I’m not sure why free wi-fi would have been a selling point because everywhere you go you can get it.  At times, I wished it was easier to be more unplugged but other times it was nice to be able to get on and find out some info we may have needed.  We had a beer at an Irish pub, lunch at nowhere special and then it began to rain.  We caught a cab back to the hotel because we had had our fill and weren’t making it two more hours until the free shuttle return trip came back.  

Andy spotted a Latin American bistro out the window on the way to dinner last night and we couldn’t find any reviews on it anywhere. Must’ve been fairly new so we gave it a shot.  We love Thai food but after two weeks it’s nice to mix it up!  We’re New Yorkers with everything at our fingertips and we hardly go two days staying within the same cuisine so two weeks of mostly Thai needs a break.  We were the only diners in the place and were given impeccable service.  I think the chef was bored because he sent us free samples of other dishes with each item that came out.  I would happily give them a great Trip Advisor rating if I can find out how to be the first.  

Speaking of Trip Advisor, a feature they have that came in very handy was their saved cities.  Along with the blue dot you can save an entire city’s info from restaurants, things to do, reviews and maps!  This feature was so useful for us as we would head out without a plan and when we weren’t at a bar with wi-fi. We ended the night playing pool at a bar down the road but were pretty wiped out from the sun.  Tomorrow we head to another hotel on the island for our last night on Samui.  The images of this hotel stopped me in my tracks in my countless hours of research and although it could easily break the bank for a longer stay we splurged for our last night.  Can’t wait to see it! 

Where we stayed:

Beach Republic 

Where we visited:

Silver Beach // Lamai Center